Sustain Our Nation: Brief

The first project was with the Audi Foundation in the form of a national competition at This is an excerpt from the brief we were given.

This project requires that you work in a multi-disciplinary team in response to one of the following three projects available under the Audi Foundation Sustain Our Nation Project brief, details of which have been provided to you.

Whilst the Audi brief suggest that you should identify a group with whom to work, we have introduced you to three with a view to speeding up your entry into the project and giving you early focus. You should be able to find within these groups opportunity to think holistically about what they do and how you might innovate to help improve their offering – this may be a business or technical innovation as well as a service development.

Haven read the brief, my mind got thinking and  tried to rationalize the best theme to work with. The programme leaders on the course had already set us up with community groups and organisations to liaise with. The options provided were Kids Kabin (, MS society, Climate Change and Energy. My mind was already set on two themes, amongst the five, Crime, Ageing population, Finance, Health, Climate Change and Energy which were Crime, Climate Change and Energy.


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