Meet the Class


MDI – Multidisciplinar Design Innovation.

I resumed on the course a bit late due to some unforseen circumstances on the part of the University, so I felt a sense of urgency to begin as soon as possible. I contacted the MDI programme Leader Mr Mark Bailey, and he arranged to have me inducted alongside another student into the course, the following day.

The next day I felt ready to begin and take on any challenge, I was also very keen to meet those I would be spending the next year with. I felt slightly disappointed with the turn out, I expected a really culturally diverse class with a number of mature students, but I knew I would get over this. Also one project had already been done, so it meant teams had already been formed, so I had to join any team.

Kirsten , Lindsey, Graeme and Andrew, my first teammates took me in with no troubles and they introduced me to the current project.

Off to a good start, I had thought as I ended my first day on the course.


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