A Brain-storm and Climate Change

We had a brainstorm and put ideas on the table. Though we still didn’t have the one direction, we decided to work with Kids Kabin on an idea around Health, Crime, Finance and Energy/Climate change. We had a talk with Mr Tim Deveaux, Gateshead Council’s Local Agenda 21 Officer which is at the forefront of championing issues with Energy, Waste, Climate change in the North-East. He raised a number of topics which sparked some ideas.

Some points raised from his talk were;

  • Getting people to switch off appliances in offices and homes
  • Cloud computing at work
  • Insulation of houses
  • Electric cars
  • Packaging and changing food habits.

I was particularly interested in Packaging and Food habits. Being an advocate of healthy living, I felt this idea was one we could run with. Getting people to reduce consumption of red meat, also to design food packaging in ways (especially for children) that would encourage the consumption of healthier products.


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