Change by Design

Tim Brown of IDEO, came to have a talk at the university and the topic was ”Change by Design” There were a few things that struck me, as I thought in relation with my projects. He talked about the questions we would need to ask ourselves as we embark on design projects. We would also have to answer them in a better way, answer questions that haven’t even been asked. But why do we design? For the sake of difference? Is there a question being asked?. Does design drive consumerism? or Is consumerism a design problem. He also emphasized working with an interdisciplinary team, and how crucial working with others is.

He spoke about important values a Designer has to possess, Health/ Healthy Living, Happiness/Joy, A Sound Education, A Sense of Care and Respect. As Designers, we also have to be aware of limitations, we are not the solutions to everything. We have to be better at a lot of things in this life not just design-thinking. The purpose of our design must be human-centric, design should have no bias.  we should participate more and become enablers.

I thought this talk was very crucial in the way I handled projects and approached design.

”Relevance comes through Proof”


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