Project: LIVE


Project Team

Five-Man team with skills in Service Design, Information and Communication technology, Business Administration and Graphic design.

My Role

I brought to the table, my experience in communication technology and designing for web, my passion to see to the needs of children and my appreciation for social innovation.

Project Definition

This project was completed in about three weeks. It was the first major project for the Multidisciplinary Contextual Design Projects module. This project was in conjunction with the Audi: Sustain Our Nation Initiative. We were tasked with addressing the issues of ageing population, health, finance, crime, energy and climate change via the creation of social enterprises through innovative design. The aim was to catalyse solutions that address these national issues at a local level, working with communities to deliver sustainable change.

What is the Issue?

We chose to work around the issue of crime, with Kids Kabin after sessions of brainstorming, and some talks with some council members. We chose Kids Kabin because the platform they had in place already seemed an appropriate match for the problem space of crime reduction. Kids Kabin is situated in the Walker ward of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Audience? Children (8-16 yrs)



Primary & Secondary

We started by reviewing the current Kids Kabin website and the Councils website, to see what information we could gather. We explored other cities’ websites and articles on what had been done to reduce crime in relation to children/youths.

We then went down to Walker,  interviewed some residents and commuters about the general experience with crime in the area. The interviews consisted of several open-ended questions that sought to gain insight into people’s experiences and how they interact with the rules and regulations set in place by the city. Interviewees were asked to brainstorm features, and then we pitched any additional ideas we’d had or gotten from other interviewees to get feedback.

We also had a session with some of the children at Kids Kabin, through guided contact and with the use of card sorting and open ended questions on things they would do on a free day, weekends or holidays and things they would love to do in Kids Kabin.



Based on the interviews, we had several brainstorm sessions, and came up with a number of ideas, until we settled on what we would call Project Live. I proposed the name for the project as Project LIVE (Live in Vivid Experience) which later evolved to just mean Project: Live.

These are excerpts from the project statement that I wrote up

L.I.V.E culture (Live in Vivid Experience) is a project that will reach children between the ages of 8-16 in Walker and their families. This program will provide opportunities for student experimentation, involve participation by parents and utilize partnerships with Kids Kabin.

Our mission is to establish a self-sustaining, educational program which will affect the Walker children and the community, by learning skills for themselves and helping others, this will help reduce the crime rate and anti-social behavior in the ward.

After we had a series of ‘prototyping’ , editing and follow up, for insights into running projects like this and how funding could be acquired. We went ahead to execute.



After identifying clear goals, user tasks, and potential features, we held a sketching, mapping session. we needed to refine the idea and concepts and select the best we all thought. There were four major areas we needed to consider.

  • Service Design
  • Branding/Information design
  • Website Design
  • Business Model

The website was then mocked up in Adobe Photoshop.  Service design maps created in Microsoft Vision, Branding and related visuals were done in Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. Screens were printed out for use in impromptu usability testing that occurred throughout the design process. The final prototype was a descriptive PDF. A number of features did not make it into the initial version but were described in the report for future releases on a three-year timeline.


We presented our project to the School of Design body in a lecture held to welcome the new Dean of the school. Presentation slides were created in Flash.


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