Project Two: One World

Our second project which was introduced in my absence due to an urgent visit at the clinic, was based on a Football website, here is the context from the project brief given;

‘One World One Game’ is to be a new online portal/social network for fans of football, it will originally be focused around the English Premier League and the football teams associated with the World Cup but with the scope to be expanded around any football league in the future. It is aimed predominately for use in the Asian market, but is available to everyone all over the world.

It was undertaken in two stages. i was paired up with a team which was to tackle the area of design. How appropriate, i thought then. the first stage was to explore and research design; discovering what is already around in the context of online portals/ social networks (eg, facebook, myspace, bebo, footbo) and what should be included in ‘One World One Game’ for it to succeed. We were to collate and document in the form of a visual report/presentation to share with the client and other MDI teams.

The second stage involved preparing a conceptual design and layout of Looking at content, function, appearance and commercial value. We were to design a few pages to show the look and feel of the site. Taking into consideration target market and users’ needs.


I began by accessing social networks like Twitter where i was linked to articles such as ‘Designing Social Interfaces: Overview and Practical Techniques’ available at, i shared this with the rest of the team. Amongst the tasks we set up, interviewing potential users, timeline predictions of social networks, Defining what engages people by sight, colour, info e.t.c, And also learning about the football culture in Asia.

I took on the task of social network timeline and learning about the football culture in Asia. I joined football newtworking site ‘footbo’ just to have a feel of this, to see how the design of the site interrelated with the experience we wanted to give this particular market.

Also looked at different literature like ‘Internet and power in one-party East Asian states’ by Nina Hachigian. From this we realize that in Asia, its a very diverse continent and the governments react differently to internet and social networking sites different ranging from very liberal states to highly restricted ones like N.Korea. also articles on CNN and Asia Times online did point to the fact that social networking did require a certain level of reward systems to be successful.

After the first stage, it was presented to one of the stakeholders for suggestions o different areas, logo and style, the outcome of research and all of that. When feedback was collected, we went back to the drawing board



For the second stage of the project, where we focused on the actual design of the site. I used LG’s site, to understand how the design of such site to be, from a global scale narrowed down to each major Asian state. Lg’s site clearly mirrors the idea we came up with.

After we’d done all this research and put the site together, I along with three of the team mates presented it to the involved parties/stake-holders


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