DFT: The Naked Road


A photo-illustration of how this road could be without the clutter of signs, this sets the tone for this project

Project Definition


The Department for Transport (DfT) is commissioning a review of road signage and marking in the UK will be putting this work out to competitive tender. A steering group comprising representatives of stakeholder groups including motoring organisations, environmental lobby groups, technical, legislative, and policy groups are all represented.


In the first stage, you are to explore, using which ever methodology you feel most appropriate, the present situation from the perspective of the motorist (ranging from those with very little experience to those who have been driving for many years). You should consider the whole context of their relationship with parking signage/legislation and the varying circumstances under which they interact with parking, i.e. the school run, late for an appointment, changing weather conditions, etc. At this stage you should challenge pre-conceptions and attempt to build up as full a picture as you possibly can.

The second stage will involve taking the insights that you have gained from the research and employing these to allow you to conceptualise around the identified problems. We will not be looking for fully resolved solutions but well considered possibilities. In considering these you should try to think about the broader business and technological considerations, but these shouldn’t inhibit your thinking, they should inform it. A potential solution may be very expensive to implement and may rely on a complex technological infrastructure but if you can show that the possible benefits outweigh these costs then it should remain ‘in the frame’. Equally, simple small interventions may be just as valid.

Project Team

Five-Man team with skills in Web Design, Information and Communication technology, Business Administration and Industrial design.

My Role

I brought to the table, my experience in communication technology and designing for web and my insights as a foreigner.

This project did confuse me at first, coming from a country where there are hardly signs on the road  to one where there seems to be an overkill.


My research was concentrated on looking at the situation from the eyes of a visitor/tourist.  My research methods included interviewing foreigners like my self to note and understand their experience with transportation and signage. I went on observation trips by myself, just recording and noting what I experienced on public transportation units.


The project is completely documented in this slideshow


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