Reflection on the Semester.

Reflection is a crucial experience we must carry out at one point or the other in our lives. And as i take my mind over the past semester and the projects and people i have been involved with, i know i can learn a number of things.

First of all, this has been a very big learning curve for me. I have been completely thrown out of my comfort zone (working independently and alone) i always  felt i could get work done better done that way. While working on these projects, i did feel at times subdued, even while i contributed, i didn’t feel i was giving my best, i felt overshadowed because of my tendency to want to have a clear picture of how things would go, look at all options and come to a logical explanation for the best path to take. Secondly, i tried to develop certain skills like presentation skills, I opted to do most of the presentations even amidst hostility for example where some students purposely decided to disrupt on one occasion by coughing in fits. i take it all and move ahead.

One the First and Second projects,  i almost had a clear idea of the path we were going down. I was ON the project, i felt i was active, i liked that tasks were assigned and events were mostly well planned, there was a good level of communication amongst involved parties. But the Third project, at first we didn’t seem to have a direction but things started to have shape, and being in an uncomfortable position later on, communication got skewered, the team didn’t keep me up to date with what was going on, even when i requested for information, it was all vague. I did what i could do at the time but i realize i should have put more effort into each and every one of the projects i worked on.

These are some I’m going to carry on into the next semester and the things i resolved to do

1, To get more active within groups, i know i am uncomfortable but if i must go out there and get things done, i have to get over this.
2, Documenting my research and output in better ways
3, Communicating and giving feedback effectively
4, Documenting my ideas as they come up so i don’t lose track.


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