Second Semester

Brand new year, Brand new month, Brand new semester. I am so happy to see the last one go, there are so many things I did wrong, so many things i want to right. Last semester was more of observation for me and i can see how much i was lacking in skills and  so many aspects of my life. The projects came and went and i never had the sense of why things were done a certain way, why things could not be done in some other way.

Well on this new, its like a breathe of fresh air for me. Many things are definitely clearer to me. We have a couple of projects lined up and i really can’t wait to apply these acquired skills and new knowledge to them. Also, i’m defining my self and how i would be seen in the outside world.

I have Four modules to tackle;

Design Context

Business Context

Inter-Disciplinary Context

Familiarization Project

I wish myself all the best in tackling all these. To become an efficient teamplayer, and achieve all my set goals and targets.


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