Heading to Final

So here I am, sat in my aunty’s in London, thought i was gonna travel for a mini-break, before our final projects really take off, only to be saddled by news of the death of a relative. The house was in a solemn and sober mood. I couldn’t help but think about my future, and where i have come through from last year.

What outcomes did i hope to get off this course?  My parents want me to be at the top of the class, but is that a true measurement of success. Yes, in the world we know it..but really? No. Looking back at the beginnings of this course, if i draw a graph of my learning outcomes, it would be quite steep. That is where success lies for me. i was concerned about lots of things at the start but have learnt enough to disband those thoughts.

I was supposed to present my semester 2 portfolio in front of the class, but i wasn’t in the right frame of mind, this is one area of learning i had identified though, allowing personal things to affect your professional status, granted some things happen which cant be helped.

Over this year alone, a couple of people i know have died, and only just once in the studio did i burst out in tears cause i found out on facebook, He had been shot, horrifying. But then again its this life and the world keeps turning, all we can do is to try to build up the world positively, atleast make it a little better for someone else.

With this i head to the final leg of my year.