On the project

Personally, I was a bit disappointed..just a bit disappointed to find out I was on this project, it was third on my preference list. But I just took it with the fact that

  • We don’t always get what we want..at the top of my list was the Amazing group.
  • I am always ready for challenges and surprises, I am very adaptable.
  • The fact that I get to add value in this capacity is very heart-warming and fulfilling

My Team Mates

Bogdan, I have worked with him once on the Whitley Bay enterprise project. I like his energy, enthusiasm, and ability to think wide, not just outside the proverbial box

but critically look at things, he does get bogged down by details

Victoria and Katie, I am really keen to see how they work and how we get along.

I wasn’t around the first week, starting on the 25th of May, but I had been sent the rules of engagement, a bit miffed that there was no formal report on the first meeting which I could have read through but I made a point to make a brief report of subsequent meetings.

We were able to go together on the 3rd of June, We met with David Barker, who really surprised me, I was taken unawares by his state, but it didn’t seem to bother him, in fact I became a bit too conscious of myself.

One of my fears with taking on this project was the tendency to get overly emotional, when working around people with disabilities. While we took walks, an informal tour of all the facilities, I had tears in my eyes. I have a tendency to go from a very tiny detail to the world, to zoom out and gaze at the big picture.

I began to think of a lot of stuff, how grateful people should be and stop complaining, because we should all be thankful for whatever place we are in. I tried to compose myself and focus on the project, but some things wouldn’t just leave my head.