Project Learning Objectives

The final module and adjoined project involves the following learning objectives. I will also align my personal learning objectives with this.

The objections given on the module include;

Students will continue to demonstrate their capacity to work within a team and across the traditional specialism boundaries in pursuit of

innovative project solutions through the production of their own individual response to a team activity. The individual’s contribution may

be completely integrated into one team outcome, but will be recorded and reflected upon separately within a project ‘book’; a document

that records as a journal of activity and reflective commentary, the individual’s contribution to the project.  *What i am during right now*

1. Through practice develop an in depth knowledge and understanding of the richness of their own capabilities in the context of their professional value.
2. Have the ability to work independently or as part of a team demonstrating an understanding of design thinking and processes in resolution of the problem.

3. Create real commercial or intellectual value for organisations.

4. Make it happen through organization, planning and teamwork.
5. Deal with complex issues through the representation of Design Problem Space and Design Solution Space.
6. Be able to demonstrate innovation in own work and be able to nurture creativity in others.
7. Engage in an investigative and developmental dialogue with relevant academic and professional groups and communities.

Tutoring will be predominantly by multi-disciplinary staff team mentoring, with each team having a project mentor identified through

negotiation with the team. Additional academic support will be given on a consultation basis and by periodic panel review. Overall

module management will reside with the module tutor.

Assessment will be formative and based upon project process and outcome presentation designed to encourage maximum risk-taking

and experimentation and may take the form of thesis, prototype, exhibition, media piece or a combination of these elements determined

by the student and agreed to by the staff team.

My personal objectives on this involve,

Honing my communication skills, as identified by the Tutor

Teaching others and nurturing creativity in my team mates.

Honing of Interpersonal skills.

Further develop, Analytical abilities,  Commitment to projects, Leadership skills, problem-solving skills and Genuine interest in job context.