Ideation start.

For this week so far, we started off making clear of our Aims and the Objectives we all sought to meet. I put it to everyone to be specific on team roles and also to give ourselves titles because I felt this is something that could go into our CVs.

Also we looked at our schedule, and the plan that Katie had produced with the help of, that I gave her

DEFINE :  Whats the issue? Who is the audience? Urgent? How will it be successful?

RESEARCH : History of issue? Examples of attempts to solve, Project supporters, Investors and critics, Talk to end users, Get leaders opinion

IDEATE : Identify needs and motivations, generate ideas, log sessions, one conversation

PROTOTYPE : Combine, Expand, Refine, Seek Feedback

CHOOSE : Review the objective, select the powerful ideas

IMPLEMENT : Make task descriptors, Plan tasks, Determine resources, Assign tasks.


Which became this,

Project Definition and Initiation

  • Site Visit(s)
  • Problem definition
  • Project exploration
  • Project Selection

Research and Planning

  • Background research
  • Project timescale decided
  • Project plan created


  • Brainstorming
  • Further research
  • Site visit(s)
  • Review objectives

Project Execution/Production

  • Proposition creation
  • Site visits

Monitor and Control

  • Review Objectives
  • Client Feedback
  • End user feedback?
  • Project Handover

Final Handover/Presentation

To start our Ideation process, we brainstormed and produced a mind map of what we had at hand and identified areas to further take on.

Katie and Victoria would be on tasks which revolve round marketing, and promotion. While I and Bogdan would focus on Equipments and the Environment. At this point, I wanted to just keep my eyes on the larger picture,  overseeing how each area feeds into the other.