First Conductive Education Session and Feedback

To continue on Research, one Important aspect was to talk to the ‘end-users’. So we scheduled to attend some of the Conductive Education sessions.

We wanted to have first hand information from Conductors and Participants alike. We also decided to visit C.E sessions where there had been participants who have been on the programme for a long time, over a year, while the second session would be one where participants just started the programme less than a year. This would give us a good perspective on things.

We all contributed to a set of questions which we were going to ask the conductors, while B and Katie drafted it.

  • How things have changed since they have been conducting CE
  • What has remained the same
  • Their motivations
  • What is most rewarding for them
  • Do they notice changes in someone’s personality or outlook
  • The most effective parts of CE
  • Emotional motivation
  • Opinion on equipment
  • Any form of networking across conductors in the UK
  • Opinion on the environment of the centre
  • Any thoughts on how to reach people and inform them of the programme
  • Experiences at other centers

There was a bit of chat with the conductors Agnes Mikula, who has had 46years experience in Conducting and Bea, her assistant. This was before the session started and some things she did say included

  • The fact that some people did leave C.E because the equipment was uncomfortable and hard.
  • Some key things in running the session include Organization which keeps people on their feet.
  • Most of the people in this group, were 70-85 years who had come in a bit late, that is..3 or more years into Parkinsons.
  • They had all been informed by the Parkinson’s nurse.

During the session, we filmed and took photos of the session to keep records, and use later in the project. I and Bogdan also participated in some of the exercise, For me it was even a bit difficult and tasking. Bogdan took over when I couldn’t do any more, and he continued to the end of it. It was a great learning experience, made me think about some of the things we do that we take for granted.

So we realized at the end of this week that, the five main area that facilitate C.E are

  • The  Conductor
  • The Programme
  • The Task
  • Intention
  • The group

People had to be willing to go through this process, if will-power isn’t built up, there’s hardly a thing that could be done.