My Role in Final Project

The role I’ve put myself to be is as an Internal Consultant/ strategist. This is what I identified through the Interdisciplinary Self module and for the last essay we wrote, this is my aim. I love to provide an alternative to what people see, bring them out of the box they are crowding themselves into. I knew there was a tendency for people on the team to get caught up in their tasks while losing their eyes on the bigger picture. When i introduced the concept of having a process map which ties all areas and the defined strategy process identified, no seemed to understand.

I told my team mates about creating personas, which put us in touch with the respective users of the services we propose. I tried to put it to them that, there was no way the different sections could work on their own. Whats the point of promoting a service that is not well done? What is the point of having a well done service and no one knows about it?

My tasks from now on was to create service diagrams , process maps, and personas which feed into each areas. I learnt Service design methods off my very First project with Audi, and the Mars project. It is really refreshing being able to apply the knowledge gained earlier on this course now.