Ideation Continua


So we began the week with a general meeting to continue our Ideation process

  • Identify the needs of those involved in this
  • Generate Ideas
  • Review what we have.

We looked at the needs of participants and conductors alike. Some identified needs include,

  • Physical exercises
  • Mutual support/ Group-feel
  • Interactions within the group
  • Motivation from able-bodied participants

We also looked at the Routes to C.E, areas where people get to encounter information on C.E and the process from information to participating.

Some other observations we made, saw that the participants preferred function over aesthetics, the conductors motivation was the reward of seeing people achieve the littlest things. Seeing psychological changes in the participants.

Other areas to look into were, alternative angles, Criticisms of C.E and other forms of therapy. B was going to get the book by Agnes Mikula, Emails were going to be sent to organise meetings and get information where possible, C.E centers contacted also.


  • Map out conditions(Stroke, M.S e.t.c) to pinpoint areas to look into
  • We need to be Aware of the patients needs, to basically put ourselves in their shoes
  • We need to understand where C.E fits in, in their lives.
  • Brainstorm
  • Talk with Expert Matthew Levley at the CDR

We had to constantly have it at the back of our minds that C.E is basically a learning process for the disorders and not a cure, it helps with coping with the problems one has.