International Design Symposium: Designing a Better World

I marked my calendar to attend this event on the 16th, but it was going to clash with a client meeting. So I definitely had to make my priorities right. Client comes first and then, in the afternoon I was able to attend the key-note presentation. The speaker was Josephine Green, I was really happy I was able to make it but even more excited about what she was talking about.

Engaging with the Future Differently, From Pyramids to Pancakes

This explored the need for and the emergence of new social and cultural narratives and their societal and organisational contexts and consequences. Josephine highlighted the need to nurture new growth areas, decentralise Strategy, Research, Innovation and Design, distribute creativity and embrace complexity through new organisational, cultural and leadership models.

The need for new narratives..kept ringing in my head.

I began to sketch a couple of ideas that popped into my head at the time, just trying to generate a clearer picture of her speech. I began to think about new ways to look at the Participants of Conductive Education, new ways to look at the service, new ways for a better system. Thinking that this might be the key to solutions for the challenges presented.

It was a great speech.