So far: Project Execution 1

We reviewed our project log  and tried to get everyone’s input in. It would have been much useful if we indeed kept everyone updated on these things at the very start. By creating process maps i tried to make sure everything we had was tied in together, after all this is one project, even though we have all these objectives. We needed to apply Service design to what we did. Somethings i had began to work on,

  • User Journey Map
  • Personas
  • Stakeholder map


  • Design council

Service design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable Good service design is the process of deliberately crafting our experience and delivery of services, to make them more valuable for the people that use and provide them.’–Nick Marsh

After a little bit of work I had to travel to London, to get ready for the discussions with Sense Worldwide on the 7th of July. I put down a couple of sketches, of my ‘Lego’ idea. I know everything i had for the Equipment Design is basically conceptual nevertheless useful to have. Wednesday Minor Accidents and Sense worldwide talk. Spoke to one of the participants about what the project and tabled some of the issues I had

Where is the innovation?

Working with no shared vision, how possible?