My Dissertation

So here I am again with my many thoughts, still no outlet, still no refinement to them. what canIi do. Even my supervisor does not still quite understand my research question. This is just a dissertation. Why am I trying to be so complex. I could have picked something simpler.. shouldn’t I?.

Key Insights from my this last meeting with my supervisor Dr. Nick Spencer.

  • One, FOCUS!
  • Two, Aim to prove your question wrong.

I should have been blogging about this here, probably would have helped keep me stay a bit focused. So my Topic is about the dangers having or holding on to single narratives have on innovation within teams.

There are things I  need to focus on;

  • What is this single narrative?
  • What is innovation?
  • What sort of teams?

I am leaning strongly towards ‘Racial’ narratives, but i know this will be a difficult nut to crack.


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