Client Presentation and Handover!

Finally, the project had been rounded up, not complete..because projects like these are somehow always ongoing. You could never really complete it. But at this point for this space of time, this is where we were going to close it and hand over to the clients. The presentation was to take place early afternoon, So we met earlier in the day and went over the bits we would each present. Then headed off to P.H.F Headquarters. The gear was set up and B set the camera to film the event

After a little chatter and offer of tea, biscuits and water, the chill in the room was broken, and the presentation began. We had only an hour to get everything done, including questions. So we didn’t spend more than 30 minutes, presenting. But we ended up spending more than an hour at the meeting, because of the discussions which were really interesting.

 those present at this meeting were;

  • Tony Best, Chief Executive
  • Anne Coates, Superintendent Physiotherapist
  • Des Bustard, Appeals Director
  • Agnes Mikula, Adult Conductor
  • Victoria Baty
  • Katie Wales
  • Bogdan Neagu
  • Ekpemi Anni

Our Presentation

The presentation basically covered the following;

  • Initial scope of project
  • Project Definition
  • Research methods
  • Outcomes: For the three areas we set our objectives around
  • Future Developments and points for discussion

After everyone had said their bit, discussions began and there were lots that interested the ‘Client’. There were commendations about the presentation, its clarity and good sequence from start to finish. There were questions around the Equipment design, Website and funding strategies mostly.

Overall it was a good talk and everyone was quite pleased with the meeting. Some had to leave early on, but discussions still continued with them. We also spoke about things we hadn’t really talked about in the presentation, some of our personal views. Mr Be was glad we had such feedback. Mr.B commented that it was especially good to have fresh eyes looking in, an external perspective.

When we all rose to leave, the Project log and Report was handed over to the Client, while we were also given a DVD of a movie made by some students of the P.H School. Greetings and thanks were given again, and we all dispersed.

It all came to a good conclusion!