Looking Back

When the project was wrapped up, I felt relieved. It really is tasking, especially for someone like me, working on a team, and on such a project that draws so much on my emotions.

But in all, I was glad I had learned so much, Especially on areas I would love to take on to future clients and as a career. I am also glad that we were able to give back to the client something tangible that would be useful now and in future. It would be great to work with the Foundation again at some point.

Looking back at the objectives I had set for myself at the start, I can say that I managed to get to some, If not all of them.

Communication skills : I wanted to get better at Presenting and Writing Documents, So most times I presented strategies and processes to my teammates and I also decided to be the one who begins the final presentation for the Client. I wrote and contributed to some of the following documents.

  • Project Initiation Document
  • Meeting Reports
  • Strategy Document for Equipments and Environment (User Space)
  • Outcome and Future Development document for design of equipments and environment
  • Project Report and Log
  • Final Presentation

Teaching others and nurturing creativity in my team mates:

I helped in some areas to critically analyze the design of some of the things my teammates did, the Design of Plinths by Bogdan, Leaflets design by Victoria, I was genuinely concerned for the safety of users. In my first degree we were taught ‘Safety first’ and I tried to put that across. I also gave some little thoughts on Interviewing techniques, Gave presentations on process maps to help with a better understanding of the big picture.

Honing of Interpersonal skills:

This is not the easiest area for me, but I tried to show as much enthusiasm possible about other people’s live and how the project has affected them, and what they would like to take on to the future. In doing this, it made me ask, Is it necessary for team mates to be friends for a good working relationship? I realised that no, while friendship may not be necessary it is important that every team member has mutual respect for every other person as a Human and as people with something to give (skills and abilities).

Analytical abilities: I have worked well at analyzing the present situation and creating Illustrations which showed processes before and after. I believe this could be one of my biggest strengths

Commitment to projects: I realised that across the year, when I start a project, there is an initial burst of energy, which I start with, depending on the type of project or people I work with, it begins to dwindle and at the end of the project, I hardly have an interest in it.  But now, I have learnt that this shouldn’t be dependent on anyone. It is OK to lose steam sometimes, but it would be up to me to breathe life in to myself and the project. This thought made me stay from the beginning of this project to the end without almost the same energy levels.

Leadership skills: While the team mates where equal on every level. I took leadership in some areas. I got to understand that the leadership style I prefer or that I am more comfortable in, is that of a guide. I tried to guide my team mates and help them in the understanding of some areas. I believe there is still a lot to be done here, especially as I go on in my future career. But it has definitely taken off.

Problem-solving skills: There are certain areas I have felt really drawn to, User experience, Strategy and Service Design. these are areas I believe would help me solve problems better. I have employed quite a bit on this project and would be taking them on to future ‘problems’, clients and projects.

Genuine interest in job context: I formed a genuine interest in the project from the very start, which I believe helped me. I wouldn’t really be able to work on a project if this is lacking. One thing I learned is that, every project has gold. Whilst some people on the course talked about how the projects were ‘nothing to write home about’ It only made me understand more that there is something in everything. Nothing should be pushed aside because it is not funky or cool enough. The lesson should be to find something valuable in every project. If not for yourself but for someone else. This should be the mindset of Design-Thinkers.

Finally, I am so glad to have been on this course and the P.H Project. I have worked with people who have really shown their strengths and enthusiasm. I would be using all I have learnt here with future projects and clients. It has been great!