Bino and Fino


Bino and Fino is a new cartoon for children and can be accessed in detail here –> It is trying to break into the market which is one with lots of opportunity. But as in any project giving a great User Experience is Key.

As a User Experience Researcher, I have tried to use a number of methods to gain insight, so as to generate ideas, and opportunities which will ultimately guarantee satisfaction for all stakeholders. But before I could even start, there were a couple of questions I needed to answer which would also influence the choice of methods to use. What is the Research question? How much time do I have to do this? Budget? Target audience? Potential/Existing Users?

Preliminary/Secondary Research

In the past, before the Brain-storming sessions, in a team, we would all spend time alone trying to read and learn as much as possible on the context of the project. After that, which was usually just a day, we would come back with written reports and sketches to aid our brain-storm sessions.

So one of the first things I did was to read up on the Children Animation Industry in the UK. Given that the primary target is children below the ages of 10, and also within the (afro-) category this helped to streamline accessed literature.

Some sites I looked at include;

Case Study: Rastamouse

Key Insights

A better understanding of the Children animation Industry in the UK

Opportunity for animation targeted at minority groups in the UK



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