UX and Social Design

Nigeria tried to conduct free and fair elections today on the parliamentary level. Sadly it’s been chaos, and the elections have been postponed to Monday.

I have been following the issue on twitter and as a UX designer I couldn’t help but absorb the emotions of those involved in the process as they tweeted their frustration. The UX of the whole event was -100%.

I honestly cannot claim to understand how it all works now, but I will do research on election processes. I am sure there is a better way of doing things, that maximize present resources, because lack of resources seem to be the cause of the chaos of today.

Some ideas came to me as I thought about it a few minutes ago,

Why can’t the elections be held state by state? or a particular number of states on a certain day. Result is stored and collated and at the end of three days, put togther and announced, instead of trying to mash it all up on one day because we are yet to reach that level of commitment and seamlessness in our projects. Many tweeted that project management skills were grossly lacking and I agree with that too.

This is just one step, but I’m going to give it much thought after my research.



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