Challenge Future

Challenge Future is a Global Youth Think Tank, based in Slovenia, that is creating a community of talent and ideas for a world that works for all. Through future thinking and global collaboration, challengefuture inspires tomorrow’s talent and ideas and connect them with today’s opportunities. At the heart of the think tank’s efforts is the challengefuture GLOBAL STUDENT INNOVATION COMPETITION – the leading worldwide web-based contest for youth built on the principles of open innovation, and open collaboration. The competition concludes with a face-to-face challengefuture summit in Slovenia; a life-changing event connecting the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, policy leaders and other change makers in dialogue, reflection, and action.

So I am participating in this, I work in a team called Quest. We are three young people between the ages of 29 and 21. From Nigeria and Indonesia. We submitted our proposal and idea last week, and have been getting some positive feedback.

Our Idea
…adding a meaning to fun is an idea that will develop available strategies of giving meaning to fun from sporting events around the world through the means of I.T solutions of SMS, email and the internet. It will convert sporting passion for favorite teams, the desire to always see them win and the knowledge to predict their outcomes to life changing goals in the area of educational advancement, health-care or touching the lives of the unfortunates around the world.

How will it Work?


Watch your favourite sports match as usual —-> Make fun predictions on the outcome of the match —-> Gain Life-points from every right prediction made instead of cash —> Use points for personal or communal gain.

To learn more about our idea, please Visit


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