UX Sketch Club

 I finally got to attend one of the Sketch Club sessions. I was a bit late because I got off at the wrong train station and I had a map! It wasn’t too bad just a couple of minutes though, because I walk like a soldier on a mission.

When I got in, an exercise was on, I believe it was hosted by Eva / EMC2 Consulting and I got into it. We did an exercise which involved drawing objects other people found difficult to draw. I could hardly think of a thing but I hurriedly scribbled ‘car’ I got paired with four people and I ended up drawing, an Old Woman, a Motorbike, a Wine Bottle and Someone running. It was a nice and warm atmosphere. I was basically in observation mode.

The last task involved making sketch notes from a talk, When Ideas have Sex What I found difficult was perhaps the pressure of knowing it was a task that would be scrutinized and commented upon. Normally I would be more concerned about grabbing the meat of such talks, and my notes would flow out in words and pictures, as they come., But this time around, I was more concerned about trying to produce the best sketch. Now I know what I have to stick to.

At the end of the day, it was a time well spent, I got to learn how to sketch a fox, a pirate ship and a chicken! lol from simple blocks. I also came away with two great ideas for projects that I am embarking on. I hope to participate more and also be actively involved. I would also love if the sessions were more interactive and task-oriented.


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