Website Review – Njorku

When I was first asked to review this site, it was still in the testing phase and hadn’t been launched, so there were a few issues which I brought to light. I love simple minimalistic websites and this was the first thing that struck me about which I liked. From the logo to the palette choice, it worked for me and it was easy on my eyes.

What? is primarily a job search engine.


There are existing job search engines like Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, Njorku is targeted specifically at the African job Market and attempts to cater to the needs of Job seekers and Recruiters across the continent. This is a very good attempt at solving the challenge which I have personally encountered in the past while looking for jobs where one has to filter through a lot of info before getting to exactly what you want. Njorku acts as the filter and takes one directly to what they seek.


This site works by pulling out job postings from different other job sites and boards which are for the African market. There is also direct posting of Job vacancies on the site.


On the site, One has the option to SEARCH or just BROWSE.

One can browse by Country available or by popular searches. Obviously what is lacking here is the ability to browse by profession, Job titles, Field, salary estimate e.t.c

Testing the search function, I input ‘Design’ and I get returns in the thousands. What I do not like is that there is no option to arrange the postings by date or relevance e.t.c. This gives me added stress of plodding through to find those which are still current. Its good that the search function has an option of where to search for jobs.

Added features like the email and sms alert is really good and keeps one updated on the move. The downside is the inability to share these postings with friends on Twitter or Facebook for example. Given the nature of the web and social media now, I think this is something they really have to include.

The blog and tutorials also help Users get the best of the search engine, its always great to have some support and I think this feature works! as long as content keeps flowing.


I reviewed the site on five browsing platforms, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Rockmelt browser and Mobile Browser for Blackberry. It worked well on the browsers but on the Blackberry browser, it didnt turn out right.

The site makes use of HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. For Search Engine positioning, the use of Meta data, keywords and the like is used and also the inclusion of the blogs using the Blogger platform will help the site because of its ‘google-friendliness’

The site is generally fast loading and simple enough for users to access and use.


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