Sustainable Values in User Experience

These are some of the questions that would be tackled this week at MEX. I choose this pathway amongst others because this is a major interest of mine. We live in a world that nothing is really lost, one thing affects the other. and while on one hand we designers want to create the best for people, the product life cycle never ends where the user is satisfied with the product and has a great experience with it. What happens after? What can we do to create a better cycle.

  1. How do sustainable values influence customer purchasing decisions and the ongoing user experience of digital products?
  2. Is the current average of a 20 month handset replacement cycle sustainable? Could a new business model enable customers to extend the lifetime of their devices for 5+ years?
  3. What renewable materials provide a new aesthetic in device design and respond to users’ desire for sustainable products?
  4. What techniques optimise power consumption in applications and services?
  5. How can sustainable energy sources be integrated into the design of mobile devices? What lessons can we learn from markets where mains power is rare?
  6. How do services uniquely enabled by mobile devices and wireless technology help customers to live more sustainable lives?

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