Identified Issue : Train Travel

Working on the Percy Hedley project really stimulated my mind. I had to travel a lot NCL-KGX, KGX-NCL, Family matters and what not. Frankly I am as tired as Thinking ‘outside the box’ but I have been doing my own thinking inside the trains that look like rectangle boxes. And one thing that struck me was the need to have an efficient/effective system of checking train tickets to make sure people actually pay for their trips. Honestly its not funny, when I pay 69 quid for a ticket and someone just saunters in and out on the same trip.

Some cracks I personally experienced, for example there was a time I did sleep off and didn’t have my ticket checked. I could have gotten on that train with none. I know many have done this, stayed in toilets and things like that, but basically travelled without payment of any form.

There are systems in place to check tickets at some of the stations before and after you get on board, while on board, a train employee comes around to stamp such tickets. That cannot be the best of jobs when you have passengers come on from different stops, getting off at different stops, there has to be a way, I would have suggested this as a project we take on in MDI, but alas, I’m done with it..Maybe this years intake could tackle it.

Personally, i have just gotten to understand the transportation methods over the past months i’ve been here. And while this issue is identified, I think its expedient to harness creativity which can tackle this issue. Not only is the Experience of the Users hectic, the companies will be losing money along the line.

There has to be a way. *Thinking* *Researching*

One idea I have is RFID tagging, and also looking at the part Mobile communication can play in this, ensuring a higher UX..coming soon!