I have used a number of Nokia phones in my life, 3310, 7250i, 9210i communicator, 6630, 6020, N95. Some of which were given to me, I won one in a competition and the rest I exchanged with my siblings.

I like the phones, because they are very durable and user friendly, especially the simpler versions, which one uses basically for calls and text-messaging. I’ve been using my N95 for almost 4yrs now. I haven’t been tempted to take on any other. The camera was a big ‘selling-point’ for me. Plus I can browse the web,play games and music as I want. I’m not such a big fan of touch phones, thats why getting the iPhone 4 (despite my apple-fan girlness) hasn’t been a priority.

I’m so proud of my N95. It’s been through so much, been stolen and returned, It’s fallen from heights I can’t even write, because of general unbelief. Only problem I’ve had is the back cover, it never stayed on. But yeah, It’s been a faithful friend 🙂


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