Sharing: eSwap

This is an idea that came out of the MEX event. I will post on MEX through out the coming week, What we did, links to pictures, my sketchnotes, Presentations, My ideas, the questions my Team tackled and others..and then my gift!

So back to my Idea. It is all about sustainability and a change of behavior. One, e-waste is a terrible feature of our world, not many things can be re-cycled, so it’d be great if we had stuff that could be used over long periods of time. My MEX team tackled this in a way that is futuristic for now (Mobile phones only though), but still great! My concept is about tackling the here and now. So, this is about swapping or exchanging a piece(s) of unwanted electronic/electric equipment for another. Two, We humans love to hoard stuff, won’t it be great if we can let go and share what we have, give to people in need.

eSwap will be a dedicated platform for electronic/electrical goods. I wanted it to kick off with just Mobile phones but I felt it could be under this umbrella too. So yup, that is eSwap! I wanted to do a garage48 type of hacking. I wanted to create a mobile app and a web page but a friend said I should create a facebook page first, which I did here . I’m still not sure of response, I’ve gotten one posted listing  I need partners that’s for sure. What do you think?


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