Clerkenwell Design Week 2011

It was more of Clerkenwell Design DAY for me, I could only attend one of the three days due to previous engagements, but it was well worth it. The event was sponsored by Jaguar and I got to see the latest car Project C-X75 – a state-of-the-art supercar that will be one of the fastest, low-emission vehicles in the world up close!

So What did I get up to?

One, I attended an Ideation workshop facilitated by Flow Interactive (John Waterworth and James Sunderland) and hosted by Koleksiyon. I got teamed up with two other people and we got a number of ideas down which include > DigiGraffiti, Hearing Aid, DigiCook, WorkFlex and some others. I will elaborate later. But it was a nice brainstorming session

Two, I headed down to Farmiloe, got my wristband and looked at the exhibitions there, took pictures of the Jaguars, I was amazed at the futuristic car, after, I chilled out in the courtyard and had some lunch.

Three, I went for a Sustainability quiz hosted by Hands ( I was disappointed in how little I knew about the facts of some sustainability issues, but I did get 11 points, the highest was 13 and they won a gift! so jealous. After the quiz I got talking with Mr Robin Dussek, the Regional design and Business Manager. He asked me what my interest in sustainability was, and I told him mostly about the issue of e-waste, and had a discussion on that, also we moved on to Alternative Medicine. It was great having such conversation and glad to see people take these things seriously.

Four, I marched on down to Orangebox which was featuring innovative designer Thomas Thwaites ‘How I built a toaster – from scratch’ you can view the TED video here but he was at Orange Box live as he presented his research and answered questions. For me, this just drove home the point that, we all need each other. Collaboration is essential in this times, It also brought to life what Matt Ridley said in his TED talk, ‘When Ideas have Sex’ Man can only move forward by building on what others have done and also engaging and refining things. The other issue that came up was one of Sustainability and If design is driving consumerism.

Five, To round off the Day I went to the House of Detention, got to draw alongside Lizzie Mary Cullen, then I looked around, got into the Virtual elevator and I really did feel like i was being lifted. It was much fun in there. On my way away, I got to listen to a bit of 6 Day Riot playing open air near a cathedral, lovely tunes.

It was a nice day overall, but tired from walking around, wheew.


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