UXCamp London – B.D.A.

I woke up excited, even though I still had half a slide. I packed my bags because I was going to stay at someone’s house for the weekend. Somehow, I got drawn into an early morning talk which was going to make me late if I didn’t continually glance at my wristwatch. Soon, I was out of the house and then got on the line all the way down to the other end of London where the City University is. Got to the center and began to see a number of familiar faces from the internet and other UX events I’d been at. I tried to get my computer connected (A Bad User experience, I have to say) Finally, I was online and everyone had began to settle in the meeting room.

Boon @boonych, one of the organisers soon began the event, welcoming us, and setting out the agenda for the day. Between him, revealing his iPad lock code and the cup of tea in my hand, it was a pleasant start! After, we had to fill the time grid, at this point I began to have cold feet. I’m not the best presenter, if i don’t have anything set out. I didn’t think my slides were coherent enough but I just decided to give it a go, whats the worst that can happen. So I filled the time slot for 1:40 pm just after lunch, so that people are still energized..hehe. When I looked at the grid later, I realized Johanna Kollman’s Agile UX presentation was on that same time slot, What the heck..I thought, bad move..I would be alone in my room..tough luck.

The first talk I went to was by @Jansru Jan Srutek ”Communicating and Selling UX Design Deliverables” It was a great overview for me. Some of the main insights for me were;

  • Presentation is very important. Visual communication is very powerful.
  • Ideas are the What, Presentation is the How.
  • Engaging your particular audience by speaking their own language.
  • Talk about people’s experiences in relation to the deliverable, not just the widgets.
  • Have the right mindset.
  • Do not impose your ‘solutions’ ask questions.
  • Always have a summary ready.

Some other tips include;

  • Aim for consistency in naming system and visual style
  • Recognition over Recall
  • Design Personas like Posters
  • Create cover sheets for the presentation which shows, Context and Purpose, Deliverable status and possibly a change-log.
  • Try to design with CRAP principles

The second was by, @AlisonW, Alison Wheeler  ”Yes, No, Maybe” I call it,  UX Design Beyond Borders

We have come to a point, where we cannot afford to design for our own comfort zones. Our design, particularly in the digital/websphere has to be culturally inclusive. We have to balance the need to save screen real estate and the need to reach as many as possible across countries. There were various examples, concerning the perception of colour across cultures and translations of words from /english into tother languages, which are too large to sit on the screen.

Some tips;

  • Combine Colour elements and symbols
  • Do away with presumptions..some people really have no clue.

I had a Lunch time Conversation with @Cennydd @MissGreenIT which revolved around, UX measurement/ROI, Sustainability and Epic/Emotional Websites. I also decided to combine my session with @MissGreenIT Takwesha because 1. We were both talking about sustainability (mine was The UX Role; Personality Types and Sustainability) and 2. I was just glad, I wouldn’t be on the same time slot with Johanna 😀

For the  third session, I went to check out ”UXB: the unfashionable older brother” by Nick Dunlavey @ndunlavey, ‘Life in the Enterprise’

”The UX Role: Personality and Sustainability: Sustainable Interaction Design” by me, @tonianni and @MissGreenIT (separate blog post of course :D)

We had a bit of a break here.

Sixth Session, ”When UX Design is not enough, Strategy starts”

this was a discussion about metrics used on UX, it also touched on knowledge transfer between Agencies and Organisations

My last two sessions were on Research and Collaboration

The first one by, @crispjodi ”Recruiting Participants for UX Research” we basically just shared thoughts and ideas, and contributed to the list for Jodie’s project. The second one was on collaboration, using a method based off the KJ method, Interesting one, which allows everyone get their ideas in without discussing amongst each other at the start.

We all assembled for closing remarks and a lottery! of course  I had my fingers crossed..and..I!! didn’t win anything 😦 number just after mine were called, truly disappointing. lol. anyways, I couldn’t stay for the after drinks, had to run with all my luggage. At this point, being the INFJ that I am, I was drained but really glad I attended the event. It was a well-spent day, got to talk in depth-ly with a number of people, some I’d only read about before. The main threads/ideas that came out of this for me, where the role of the UX person and what UX as whole should be focused on, not forgetting the many gaps which we need to have filled.

Big Big Thanks to the organisers and all those who made it happen.


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