So I was feeling a little lazy today, wanted to kick back and enjoy myself. I have spent the last few days moving into a new place, unpacking, arranging things and buying some things to make my new place feel like a home. I wanted to pat myself on the back, then I realised I had no food! and I needed food now! and the nearest Tesco is 0.9miles away!

I had several options to consider, but like I said,  didn’t want to bother dressing up and heading out into the cold. I’ve thought about this before, but it seemed more urgent today, the need for e-messengers! I’m not talking of instant messaging apps. I’m talking of actual people whom you can contact via tools like instant messaging apps.

The Challenge: I’m tired and I need grocery, the closest shop is 0.9miles away. I need someone I could call/text/tweet to buy a pot of yoghurt, TUC crackers, some blueberries and apple cider. This person will buy the goods, bring them to my doorstep with the receipt, which I’ll pay for with a stipulated service charge. If there’s any item unavailable, I’ll be notified immediately or if there’s any other issue before delivery.

The Solution: A smart service which enables people to run errands for you. People sign up to the service to run errands for others and people sign up to have access to those who can run errands for them.

If I had access to this, instead of spending 2hrs back and forth, my day would have gone like this,

1. I need grocery!! –> Go to errand website or check through my phone app —> Type in errand —–> ‘In your area, Jon, Jeff and Joseph are available to run this errand’ —> message Jon who picks the errand ticket. (I would be kept updated on what happens). I get a message from Jon, thankfully, all the items I need are available, and he is on his way. —-> Shows me the receipt, I give him money for the grocery and pay him the service charge.—-> Woohoo! I have my grocery and I’ve been having a lie-in..So I can have my cake and eat it!

I don’t know if such services exist here, if they do, why aren’t they popular? What really goes into them? what are the challenges that those running the service have encountered? What can be done to improve existing ones, what can we do to make this service better, because I think it will be very helpful.

These are some of the questions I will be thinking about more deeply…possibly my task for the coming week.


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