Event Round up

In these days where I am not in fulltime employment, I do have quite a bit of time to attend events because I can plan them around the things I have to do. So the past week saw me attend some interesting ones.

Update 2011 Brighton – I won a ticket to this event via @uxmag, the question was to give an example of great UX, and I mentioned the London Underground map (I will do a UX story on this soon) there was a bit of a hitch with getting there and all, but it was a good event.

Ladies who code – Mintdigital – This was an event I got to know via eventbrite, and I shared it with my developer friend, we then attended it. It was the inaugural event and Shoshi Roberts flew in from the States for it. There was a bit of introduction, then some nibbles. Shoshi gave a presentation on Building Mobile Websites, what I got mainly from it was the importance of having Mobile sites over just having Mobile apps. Also, the whole impression I got was that Developers were beginning to understand that they need to put Users’ first not their coding prowess. After, there was a discussion involving recommendations for future events and then moved into some other poignant issues. We covered the need to promote creation over consumption. The gap between girls and boys in tech, mentorship, the image of tech people. (Will be doing a blog post on them soon)

AACDD Festival – I got to go for the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora festival 2011 private preview at the Bargehouse. It was really nice to see the work that people put out. But I did overhear some of the organisers mention that there was a lack of media presence, in her words ”the media don’t like us, they really don’t” Sad if factual. The festival continues till September 25th and its FREE, if you do have a chance, head down to South Bank between 11am and 6pm, see you there!

Bea of Bloomsbury Book Launch – All I can say is, never go to an event ‘just because’..I didn’t last 2mins in there.

Inner Space: Got introduced to this by a friend, went for a Time Management session which was really helpful, the main point I carried from it was, Seek to enjoy the things you do over Doing the things that you enjoy. I will surely go to another class again.


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