Some People

Take a look at this before reading

I don’t think I’m the only one that would have done this. But since my earliest memories, I remember that whenever I pass certain people on the street or wherever, I used to imagine myself as being them..where they have come from and where they are going. I create these stories to give reason to why they are the particular way they are, as I interact with them in that moment.

When I saw this piece I was like, how apt!!

As I grew older, it was like I lost this, or maybe I had too much other stuff on mind. Now I see the importance, especially as a UX person. I’m quite sure I was being prepared by this. We make so many judgements everyday without knowing where people are coming from. I remember at a job interview for a customer service job. I told the interviewer that I didn’t just want to smile without having real feelings behind it. I feel the key to truly succeeding in a customer service job (User Experience now and even life as a whole) is to try to understand people. And in that moment you interact with them try to be the best human being. Maybe they just need a smile, someone to reassure them that they are still know..things like that.


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