An Apple a Day

I can’t remember when I first came into contact with Steve Jobs and Apple devices, but owning my first Apple product was really filled with Drama.

It was the white Macbook my sister gave to me in 2006. My Acer computer had just gone kaput and I couldn’t bear the thought of getting back to school with no device of my own. I was already infamous for being ‘weird’ so when people saw me carry the Macbook across the campus, I evolved to ‘very weird’. I was indeed the first person to own a Macbook in my school, many had iPods (which had evaded me somehow) still, they came to me, to ‘find out’ about the Macbook. For some time I was just smug, but when I began to research Masters courses I could take in Design, it went from being just a mere machine to a way of life. In 2007, the Macbook was taken from me at gunpoint, how could I forget this, I had just purchased a new charger, had a whole load of designs i was going to back up, I was also interviewing for a job and was currently in the midst of designing some scenarios…I had nightmares for weeks, and I could never really go back to graphic design, I knew then, I had to do something more. I could not afford to get another Macbook at the time, but I knew what was deposited in me was more than the physical.

Later in 2008, I resumed my search for a Design Masters course, saw a number of suitable ones but they were too expensive, I soon found a detailed interview by Jonathan Ive, and when he stated the school he went to, I looked it up and they had on offer a good course at a fair amount, I was excited. At this point I was already talking to people about Steve Jobs, Apple, Design philosophies, Design Thinking, Design experience, but those around me thought it was just a phase. At Uni, while I had no personal Apple product, we used Macs in our studios. Through it all, Steve Jobs, Tim Brown, Don Norman, Jonathan Ive were sources of inspiration.

Fast forward to 2011, It’s no accident where I’ve ended up, seeking to design great experiences regardless of the medium. People around me always saw these devices just for their shiny exterior, but I’d been able to catch a glimpse of the thoughts behind, and that is where I wanted to be.

 Steve Jobs is a man who inspired me to no end, he wasn’t a perfect man, but was able to do his bit in the world. It is really unfortunate his life was cut short, leaving behind loved ones, but he managed to somehow change the lot of us, an Apple a day.


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