It Draws You In

I am trained as an Engineer and fiercely proud of it but I have no clue about the Oil & Gas Industry. The natural progression for me would have been to get an Economics or ‘Oil-Based’ Engineering Masters Degree. Thankfully I was able to shake off the Parentals just in time. Oil & Gas is a productive sector and I do have family who work there, but so far it hasn’t been for me.

Something did draw me in recently, and if I was to be in Oil & Gas this will be the driver for me. I was sent a link to Statoil’s Gas Machine site sometime ago while working and I’ve never looked back. I used to keep the site open on my tab for inspiration, I still do. I can’t begin to describe what this site does to me, but it sure made me want to explore the Oil and Gas territory. I remember interviewing at some companies about the time I discovered the site, and it was the answer I gave to every ‘Give me an example of good UX’ Well, I never did get the jobs, they must not have been impressed as I was.

I believe this site is a pointer to the kind of websites that will change the game of website design. The way we are beginning to react to products now with an emotional connection will be the same way we react to sites. The Statoil sites blends 3d, Video, text, picture in a way that is almost seamless, this great, but what is even more fantastic is that I am now emotionally connected to it, despite having nothing to do with Oil & Gas at this point in my life, this is a place I would keep going back to.


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