The UX of Fine Dining

I was out last night to help celebrate a new friend’s permanent job status (kind of looking forward to mine). The restaurant of choice was Inamo, which was perfect because it is a few steps from my current place of labour lol. I was really excited because of what I had read about the restaurant and just exploring asian cuisine.

The Good

Interactive tables! woohoo, Really really nice. You can order your food and drink from the table, plus you can call the waiter, play games or watch a clip of the chefs working their magic. While waiting for our food, we got to play a battleships tournament, boy was I confused!

The Food was great, I think everyone enjoyed their dishes, between us, we had Cinnamon chicken, Pork Breast, Turkey and Traditional Japanese rice. It was also filling, I looked pregnant at the end of the day. When I got home, I went straight to bed.

The whole ambience of the restaurant was wonderful, I was thinking while we were all sat, how much dining out is really about the atmosphere and company, if the food is good, thats the cherry on the cake.

Ok, I also have to mention the toilets, they are the best public toilets I have ever seen (there’s only a slight issue if the toilet refuses to flush automatically lol)

The Not-So Good

Ok, we were all used to touchpads, being able to touch items directly, but the system at Inamo, works like a traditional mouse and screen..not too bad, but it made us a bit confused sometimes. It would be great if this is possible and also the ability to lock the screen, because I mistakenly ordered extra food!!

I failed miserably at using chopsticks, had to order a spoon. I mean how do people use this. I will be trying again but not soon and definitely not when I am hungry.

Also, a barman crashed into me, with no apology, not even a glance back and I was left muttering ‘I’m so gonna sue. I’m gonna sue’ Anyway, no damage to me except bruised pride. I understand that humans can be mental sometimes.

Funny grammar.LOL

The End

It was a nice night out and I would do Inamo again, because I’d love to try the dishes my friends ordered..woohoo!


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