Got to attend an event ‘The Fantastic Tavern (ROI of Social)’ hosted by EMC consulting. Matt Bagwell was the moderator and the first set of talks held were by three people all from different organisations. After listening to talks and a QA session. I realised that I had been in the same space before, a number of times.

One of the very first things I did at SB was to help research for a social media seminar focused on corporate communications, and with that came an opportunity to learn more about social media and its effects in almost every aspect of our lives.

One constant thing that comes up is the fact that in Social media use, goals are important and ROI is not measurably by the metrics we are used to. This is great and most people seem to agree. The question for me at the end of this event was, why are people not listening? Why are companies not doing things this way? If everywhere I go I hear the same thing about social media, what’s happening at the implementation stage? It’s like after such seminars we couldn’t even be bothered, we just go about doing the things we are used to.

This surely brings to mind the post I made about The Designful Company and attitudes to design. This was one of my last paragraphs;

“businesses have too many people to answer and would not like to bother about things they can’t predict or grasp. But the truth is, if people cared enough about things on a larger scale, mindsets towards Design will be changed and this is what is particularly needed for those at the helms of companies, a change of mindset”

Just insert ‘Social Media’ in place of design. Plenty people can talk, but we need people who actually CARE, especially those at the top.


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