The Day Runneth Over

Happy December! Can’t believe it’s already here, this time last year I was preparing for my Graduation ceremony in Newcastle Upon Tyne while it was snowing like crazy. Now, I have spent two months at my current place of employment (so official..ok still on probation so not quite ‘official’) yet.

It’s been a nice ride so far. I am in sector I knew absolute zero about, in terms of operation, before going in. However as a Designer and a UX-er, you deal with people, and there’s people everywhere, so it makes it easier to move from sector to sector. I have learnt so much on the job, especially being in an Agile environment. What I didn’t expect was to have a second German Boss in a row lol, it’s all good. I love that they are stickler’s for accuracy and pay great attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture. It sure takes some experience to get there. Presently for me, the big picture is what I see clearly, and if I get into details I can get lost easily. Learning otherwise won’t be easy but will be definitely, definitely worth it. One other thing I love about work, is the people around me, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, South African…not a single Brit!..I kid. It’s a lovely atmosphere to be in 🙂

It hasn’t all been dandy, My ‘boss’ has done things I’ve had to forgive him over, and discuss with him, while I have done things which have angered him, and I hope he has forgiven me (i’m sure he has) It is a learning process after all. I mentioned to him that he has to call me out if he saw or felt like I wasn’t making some progress in my work. Even having a day off today due to illness grates on my nerves (:P).  I am anti-stagnancy.

One more month before I’m off probation, and it will be a New Year. I look forward to wonderful things, a better workflow, better relationships and maybe even moving closer to work (50mins commute is no joke :O) I look forward to the best, a life without regret.


2 thoughts on “The Day Runneth Over

  1. Yeah, It’s amazing how a few wonderful things can lighten the ‘load’. Staying positive amongst other things (not easy at all) helped me to this point, and boy am I glad!

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