Oh Christmas time!

It’s that time of the year again! High Blood Pressure and Innocence go hand in hand..No wonder Santa Claus is in red and white. We had a design challenge to decorate our work spaces, I still don’t know who won but I got to snap a photo with Santa. For the first time in my life, I’m trying to build a Christmas list, I may end up not using but it will still be a far cry from the days of Christmas Dresses and Shoes.

I also had my first official Office Christmas Party, oh my! did I fret! The Dress Code said ‘Dress to Impress’ the none-specificity almost made my brain explode, Impress who? what? why? Still, I managed to find something after running a hurricane through my room.

The party was really well done, fake smoke, snow, a cross-dresser, live band and a big club, great! However being in a place out of my comfort zone, was tasking. My first drink was a spritzer and then I went on to observe my colleagues in this environment. Had long chats that made me wonder why chatting is encouraged in clubs, I would need an amplifier for my mouth and a reciever for my ear next time.

What I really love is that although I left the party at about 12 am, ( this pained me as the best music just started playing but it was either the last train or £70 cab fare) I managed to leave with some useful nuggets.

Bosses are human too. 

I managed to see a number of my bosses even in the dim light, and even met the CEO at the door. It seemed, well surreal; how could anybody be intimidated by anyone here, I thought. So, do people really change depending on environments? I don’t think so. It now seems quite ridiculous that back at work, one would allow another person no matter the rank intimidate them. We are all made of the same flesh and bone, really.

Everyone loves a good time.

I am not kidding, everyone was knocking back drinks and digging it on the dance (in the limited way they could) It was amazing seeing everyone in a good mood. I immediately connected this to the worksphere. I think one of my tasks is to make sure that those that depend on me for one thing or the other, have a good time. Users, Business, Colleagues, Bosses…if I can do one thing everyday that makes them have a good time, I will be pleased (It’s also likely I’d get a raise :D)

Always take responsibility.

I only had three glasses of alcohol; a spritzer, a wonderful cocktail with syrup and rum, a glass of champagne. I could have had more, but I thought if I wanted to leave at 12am (my initial exit time was 10pm) and in one piece, taking more would be funny. There is always a point where you can either say Yes or No, where you can analyze the decisions you are taking and choosing whichever. People that say, ‘I had no choice’ make me wonder. I could decide to do my work better or just laze around all day, All I would need to ask myself is what I am trying to achieve and own up to what ever choice I take, even if it is tumbling into a £70 cab at 4am.

Fret Not.

Everyone was too busy having a nice time to really notice what I wore, though I had a number of compliments. One of my colleagues even wore a teeshirt and jeans just as he had gone to work. The aim of the party was to have a good time, and have fun as workmates, so why did I sweat the small stuff. I learnt that focusing on the important things will be more rewarding anytime, how do you know what is important? Look at the overall aim or goal of the task (Agile swears by this).

You can learn in any situation.

I had a long chat with two people, in that limited time, learnt quite a bit. There was a discussion on lots, from drugs to careers to countries. The party itself gave me something to take away with, and even though I wasn’t exactly ‘into’ it, I was happy.



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