Smurf Me, I Smurf You.

The Smurfs, I.Love.Them. When I was younger we watched the Smurfs, recorded them on video cassettes, and got Smurf merchandise. These blue people rock! What’s even better, the Smurf language! However this post is not really about the Smurfs.

Today is my last Monday at work for this year, and while I have to work as a ‘designer’ I always think about ‘design’ in every way, while I’m on holiday, eating, christmass-ing it will be there.

So what am I trying to write about? Design has become well… Smurfy 🙂 I should be very happy. I have to say thanks to one of those I follow on Twitter (@annettepriest), who gave me this insight. To understand, read up The Smurf Language. It all started with my observation that well, there’s been a lot of ‘fights’ in the ‘design’ community. Everyone is writing up blog posts faster than I can say JACK, countering some person’s opinion, what is even more glaring is that there has been the lack of context in which these posts are written. One person says Design is everything, another person says Design is just ‘Somethings’, I’m sure a Smurf will probably know the true answer.

CONTEXT!! ok, we are not Smurfs, so we aren’t somehow intune with everyone’s mind. I think it will really help, if people talking about design, define the context and then refer to it all through as they talk about ‘design’

My own opinion is, in the context of solution providing, Person + Tool = Solution, where Design is the Tool. Design is A WAY not the only way. This is different from Creativity which is mainly the capacity for thinking. Design is one way to provide solutions, if you have chosen it, good on you!


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