First Work Day of the Year.

This is the first time, I’ve had to get back to the same job in a new year. In the past, I’m always starting something completely new or school.  By 1pm, lunch time, I had cleaned my computer files, arranged them, sent all non-entities to the trash and emptied it.

A cup of tea.

Ran through my project files, trashed non-entities and arranged the files accordingly.

Had a chat with a member of my team on holiday events, UX predictions for the year and our team.

All done before 1pm,

What next to do?

I am not used to this.

Finally settled on project updates, and some reading was in order. I felt revived and fresh, ready to take on the year. My work resolution includes;

Pro-activeness – Being an INFJ to the core can get in the way of this, but if I’ve been given the go ahead (“Don’t worry, you can bother me anytime”) chances are, I will run with it. I have to get to asking more questions, and recommending on the go.

Work Value – I’d love to increase the value of the projects I work on, by increasing standards and communicating as clearly and contained as possible.

New Skills – I want to take some time to hone my existing skills and add on new ones e.g I’d love to be able to understand back-end technology more, this would definitely impact on my dealings with Development.

So help me God.


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