The Story of A Donner

I almost killed myself on Friday. I had gone straight home after work, I was really tired and couldn’t stomach any alcohol or jokes, I only wanted to eat and sleep. This time, I was just going to order some food from my favorite food app, HungryHouse, too tired to cook.

So I did, it and they came quite fast too. I had never ordered a donner before, if I knew how it looked I really wouldn’t have (Should suggest this to Hungry House), but I was achingly hungry at the time, and proceeded to dig into the wrap.

Two minutes later, I was choking. I even went ahead to embarrass myself by gatecrashing my Landlady’s Ladys night out. They were all surprised while I sat in their midst positively out of breath with a heart rate threatening to make me implode. They helped me calm down as I was having a Panic Attack.

Five hours later, I found my self in the back of an Ambulance headed to Northwick Park. How did this happen I thought to myself. I’m quite surprised that people say there are no Atheists in Foxholes. I never once, thought to myself,  ‘God help me’maybe I did but I can’t remember, I had thought, How did I do this to myself? and How can I get out of this situation?.

Fortunately after an X-Ray and examinations, I got off with a bruise on my throat, pain in my neck and chest area, which was guraranteed to ease in three days, and bruised pride.

Glad to be alive, It made me understand how much important details are. The big picture which I could see quite clearly was satisfying my hunger but I didn’t pay much attention to the details of how to get there. A single detail neglected or badly done/designed is capable of destroying the whole picture.


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