Hello 2013


Welcome to the new year, I’m glad you made it as well. A friend called me up today and said ‘I know you are not into resolutions but what are you going to do?’ I had decided, based on the lessons I learned in 2012, not to go mental, planning everything to the last dot. My guiding principle for the year is short and sweet, I hope you think about it as well.

Ask yourself everyday, What am I doing today?
If it’s any good, do it better. If it’s bad, don’t do it…even if I do nothing today let me enjoy ‘nothingness’

I love this set of tweets from Ms Afrolicious, my thoughts exactly

Peace to the humans entering 2013. May we find, know, do and be love. Where our resolutions and best intentions fail, our daily actions shine through. A little advice for the descent: We are the sum of our everyday actions. Different actions, different outcomes.

Being the number geek I am, this tweet by The Bloggess made me laugh out loud

For those of us with Triskaidekaphobia this will be an entire year of forced behavioral therapy. Happy 2012 + 1.


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