Gaming in ’13

One of the first things I used to do at work besides checking my email, was to look at an overview of the gaming industry. I love going to sites like Gamasutra, Games In Industry, Verge, Polygon, App Data amongst others. With CES on right now, there is a lot of talk around what the gaming future looks like, especially in terms of hardware. One thing I do know is mobile devices are taking up a  chunk of the market although Gamasutra says 2013 is the year of the micro console.

I’ve been part of a gaming collective in Nigeria for a couple of years. Apart from organizing gaming events, we spend time reviewing games and looking at what we’d want to do in the space. Now, the main focus is on tablet multiplayer games (MMORPG) for us, Conquer being a current game we are trying out. I know that freemiums and f2ps will still be the drivers for social games, however I think it’s time to redirect our attention.

Console gaming will still always be my first love, but I’ve hardly had anytime to get through my PS or XBOX titles. I don’t want to keep consuming so I will give back by working on games for specific devices with some friends, it would be exciting to see how that goes. It not just stops at gaming, but also creation of illustrated books and comics.

2013. Peace.


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