Women 2.0 in London

women 2.0

By MyBeautie

I had the opportunity of attending a Women 2.0 event, Founder Friday yesterday. Founder Friday seeks to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors in innovative cities globally. Both men and women are invited to attend Founder Friday.
Read more at http://www.women2.com/category/founder-friday/#KZUq7zvw58rWFE7D.99

I can’t remember how I got to know about this event, all within a number of clicks, and I’m glad. I was going to just attend, but then I saw the option to volunteer and I told myself, why not? One of the things I’d like to improve on this year is connecting with people professionally, and usefully. So I thought this would create a great opportunity for that. I learnt bits about those coming, those I knew already and those I would like to get to know.

I got to Google Campus, early enough to set up the space with the other Volunteers and the coordinator, Shruti. I had alrady spent some time getting to know one of the volunteers, an American lady who was also my age and involved in Business Development which a very good start. At about 6:05pm people began to come in, and we made sure to welcome them.

I just loved being there, in the midst of all these women doing great things. Not only was I thinking of the various opportunities that this event was inspiring but also thinking of how to extend this initiative back home in Nigeria. The tech space might be saturated by guys but I think there is still a lot of wide open space for us to occupy.

Shruti gave a brief introduction to the event at 7pm. After a couple of minutes. Gerlinde Gniewosz, CEO of Ko-Su @zuztertu @kosumobile gave us 20mins of her time, telling an interesting account of her life story, “Life is never a straight path”. Her journey began all the way in New Zealand, and as an accountant but is now a Tech founder, developer and innovator. Some salient words she gave; “Passion– choose something you truly believe in” “You will always hear NO.. Make up your own mind”

I loved every bit. After the talk, it was networking, networking all the way. I talked to a few people, gave my UX pitch and just went with the flow. By 9pm, it was time to say bye, but there were still a number of ladies chatting away. I smiled at the connections that were being made, collaborations and possible businesses formed!


The next Founder Friday event is on February 15th! I may or may not be in London, but it would be brilliant either way, I promise.

Now, another event I will be going to this month is sponsored by GDG London and GDG Women it is called Design in Action, a hackathon held over two days at the Google Campus. Get your tickets here


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