2012 Top Writer on Quora

photo (21)

When I got the news in October 2012 by Kat Li that I had been nominated as a Quora Top Writer, I was really and truly ecstatic. I appreciate what Quora is about and I’m really glad to have gotten to be a part of it.  About two weeks ago, I got a package sent to me from the HQ, gifts which I have been very proud to wear and share.

Some of my Top answers on Quora:

How many people speak English in Nigeria? http://qr.ae/1xRxU

Why are you proud to be Nigerian? http://qr.ae/1xRm1

How do people who eat meat rationalize calling themselves animal lovers? http://qr.ae/1xRlL

What is unique and distinctive about Nigerian cuisine? http://qr.ae/1ntEN

Be a part of contributing to the world’s knowledge, e fit be you o



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