TEDxEuston on CNN

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Watch on CNN – TEDx connects Africans

I have watched the video up to 10 times now. I also set my Sky Box to record the program at 8:30am tomorrow. The memories it brings cannot be described in words. TEDxEuston was one heck of an event, and I still feel the buzz. I have gone to many events, but none had the energy I felt in the Mermaid center that day.

CNN does a good job of capturing a little bit of the Magic.  Chikwe and Ike Anya co-founders of TEDxEuston talk about the journey and the importance of team work in making this happen. Some volunteers, Felix, Emmanuel and Me, gave thoughts on TEDxEuston as well.

The event empowered me to look at things and situations especially the Nigerian context in a new light. Thinking about creating solutions and the power of action. I got the courage to leave my last job and embark on a journey into the world of DO-ING,  I intend to host hack events this year.  Read my posts on the event; We are all Leaders, Business For ChangeStirring the Soul

Please do not hesitate to be a part of TEDxEuston 2013. Contact me if you have questions, I’ll be glad to help.


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