We Won!


Nigeria’s Super Eagles were crowned the Kings of Africa today for winning the 2013 African Cup of Nations and I’m extremely proud. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t express the joy that we collectively have. Especially when only a few expected the team to survive past the first rounds, loads of naysayers are having to eat their hats now, or is it horsemeat…

Like many people I know, we love football when the team we support is winning. So it was with great pleasure that I watched the match along with my aunt and uncle at their house. I admit there were moments were we nearly had our heart give up, my uncle’s 5yr old said to him “Daddy why are you shouting” “I’m sorry” he replied and the little boy said “It’s ok” It was al worthwhile when the final whistle was blown.

I do wish I was in Nigeria, because it brings back the memories of when we won Atlantla ’96. Everyone in my estate was shouting and screaming, happiness was overwhelming. I am certain parties will go on for days, but that is the kind of spirit we are borne from. I love my country and I am very happy to have witnessed this. As my pipu talk am, Naija no dey carry last!


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